Wednesday, March 08, 2006

WTU has a new set of problems

Fresh off of their lashing of the WTU over its elections the Department of Labor is at it again; this time investigating the union for its Fiscal Year 2005 financial filings.
The Labor Department's Washington field office opened the inquiry after federal regulators rejected the union's fiscal 2005 report because of undisclosed shortcomings, officials said.

A Labor Department spokeswoman yesterday declined to elaborate on the deficiencies in regulatory filing, citing an active inquiry into the matter.

Spokeswoman Leni Fortson said the union's financial report for 2005, due Sept. 28, was rejected because of "deficiencies." She said regulators in the Washington field office have since opened up a "deficiency case" to "garner an acceptable report." The Labor Department disclosed the inquiry yesterday in response to a request by The Washington Times earlier this week for the union's 2005 financial information.

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