Monday, April 24, 2006

11 charter applications before Charter Board

From the DC Public Charter School Board site:
The D.C. Public Charter School Board (the Board) received eleven applications to open new public charter schools by this year's April 3rd deadline. They include six proposals to open with early childhood and elementary programs; one middle school; three high schools and one combining an early childhood and high school boarding program for teen mothers. Two applicant groups seek to serve students with high levels of emotional and/or behavioral disabilities; one proposes an all-girls school, and another single-gender classrooms; one focuses on business and government; two on arts and humanities; and several offer character and leadership programs. Nearly all of the applicants intend to locate their schools in wards 7 & 8. As is often the case with start-up charter schools, most of the applicants would open with fewer grades and enrollment, and plan to grow to capacity in subsequent years.
As Ed Researcher said:
Notice that the PCSB also announced their charter applications for this year. 11 apps for a max of 10 new charters. At least one group has to be voted off Charter Island.

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