Monday, April 10, 2006

Board delays vote on consolidation

The Board of Education has delayed its vote on the proposed school facilities consolidation until June 20th, leaving DCPS little time to implement the changes before the August 28th start of the school year.
D.C. school officials released a schedule yesterday that shows that the school board will make a final decision June 28 on which schools to close or consolidate this fall, leaving two months to transfer students and teachers and get buildings ready for the mergers before classes begin Aug. 28.

In a meeting with Washington Post editors and reporters, Superintendent Clifford B. Janey and board members discussed their plans to eliminate 1 million square feet of excess space by this fall and an additional 2 million by fall 2008.

They said they think the public generally recognizes the educational and financial benefits of merging schools, in contrast to the widespread opposition that greeted previous school-closing efforts in which residents did not have as much input.

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