Monday, April 10, 2006

DCPS to move some out of head office

According to the Common Denominator it looks as if Superintendent Janey's administration will start moving people out of their pricey North Capital digs and into space already owned by the school system.
The relocation of at least six of the school system's assistant superintendents from 825 North Capitol St. NE to Logan School at 215 G St. NE will take over space that in recent years has been used primarily for teacher training.

While school officials are still completing plans for the move, which was originally scheduled to begin this month, spokeswoman Roxanne Evans said giving up all of the system's leased headquarters space on Capitol Hill "could certainly be a possibility" as Superintendent Clifford B. Janey and the school board seek more efficient ways to use three million square feet of excess instructional space in buildings owned by city taxpayers.

"Dr. Janey has not made a secret that he wants us out of this building," Evans told The Common Denominator by phone from her office at school headquarters.


Ed Researcher said...

Nathan, they must be reading your blog!

Nathan said...

I wish I could take credit, but I know that the facilities dept has been mulling this over for quite some time. Glad to see they're finally pulling the trigger.