Friday, April 21, 2006

Janey says 10 closed school an exaggeration

In what looks like an attempt to manage expectations Superintendent Janey has said that the number of schools that the press is reporting may close this summer is exaggerated.
For weeks, media outlets have reported the school system expects to close as many as 10 schools by this fall and as many as 30 by 2008 in a D.C. School Board mandate to eliminate 3 million square feet of excess space by fall 2008. Most of the numbers being tossed around by advocates were calculated by simply dividing the total by the average size of schools, officials said.

Janey said while he does expect a handful of schools to be closed and consolidated, eliminating "excess space" doesn'’t necessarily mean closing buildings. And he says the number of schools floating around is simply premature "“speculation."”

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