Monday, April 10, 2006

New Facilities Master Plan website

DCPS has posted a link to a new Facilities Master Plan website: The actual plan won't be posted at the site until after the board presentation on May 28th.

(Editor's note: This is one seriously fugly site. Why it was done in Flash I have no idea; its not as if there's a lot of multimedia-rich content. Which begs the question: does the District / DCPS have any sort of accessibility rules / standards [i.e. content must be accessible by the blind]? If so, this site has to be in violation.)


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what you find offensive with this site - I think it complements the DCPS site nicely, and matches the presentations and handouts at the community meetings.

I look forward to more information being posted, and seeing the results of the community forums.

Nathan said...

The major problem I have with it is it is done if Flash, which, for this static of a website, is like killing a fly with a sledgehammer. As I mentioned in the post it also may cause accessibility problems for such things as screen readers for the blind and such.