Friday, April 28, 2006

SEED foes question schools effectiveness

The community group Save Our Schools, who oppose the plan to allow the SEED charter school to expand to land around RFK stadium, are now questioning the school's academic record.
Lee Glazer, co-founder of local watchdog Save Our Schools, said the school has misled everyone by "weeding" out underachieving students to pad graduation statistics.

"Parents are being bamboozled," Glazer said. "What this is is a dangerous exercise in social engineering. They have spent $30 million of taxpayers' money and only graduated 41 students."

Dozens of parents of current and former students have written saying their children have been "forced out" of the school or held back for as long as four years.
Officials from the school counter the allegations claiming that students are not removed from the program for academic reasons, only for disciplinary reasons.

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