Monday, May 15, 2006

DCPS consolidation: 6 schools to close, 9 others affected

WTOP is claiming it has the list of DCPS school that will be closed and consolidated under Superintendent Janey's facilities plan.
  • Fletcher-Johnson Educational Center (Ward 7)
  • Merritt Educational Center (Ward 7)
  • Shadd Elementary School (Ward 7)
  • M.C. Terrell Elementary School (Ward 8)
  • Van Ness Elementary School (Ward 6)
  • Walker Jones Elementary School (Ward 2)
  • Webb Elementary School
  • Oyster Elementary School (Ward 1) will merge with Adams Elementary School (Ward 1)
In addition, Rudolph Elementary School (Ward 4) and Montgomery Elementary School (Ward 2) will dispose of excess space.

The following schools will co-locate, although the new location is not known:
  • Bunker Hill Elementary (Ward 5)
  • Eliot Junior High (Ward 6)
  • Evans Elementary (currently empty)
  • Harrison Elementary (currently empty)
  • the old Miner Elementary (currently empty)
Janey's decision affects more than 1 million square-feet of D.C. school property and falls short of Janey's proposed removal of 3 million square-feet of school property by 2008.
Let the complaining begin.

UPDATE: WTOP has edited their story. Apparently Webb Elementary is not recommended for closing. They also have information about where the students of the closed schools will go next year:
Fletcher-Johnson Educational Center students will attend Ron Brown Middle School and Nalle Elementary School.

Merritt Educational Center students will attend Ron Brown Middle School, Burrville Elementary School, or Houston Elementary School.

Shadd Elementary School students will attend Drew Elementary School.

McTerrell Elementary School students will attend McGogney Elementary School.
The Post has an article up now as well.

UPDATE 2: Now the Times weighs in.


Anonymous said...

Naturally - the week before, both the Adams and the Oyster School Restructuring Teams released memos saying that the two schools had agreed not to merge.

Ed Researcher said...

I bet the charter schools are salivating over the empty DCPS schools. But wait, Harrison is not empty. The Children's Studio School (Board of Ed chartered school) occupies it. Are they moving? Or are they being forced to share? Any news on the "empty" schools, fearless DC Education Blogger?

dcbubble said...

On one hand, one could see how Janey could have cut more. Then again, to cut more he would have had to go after some sucessful schools for political reasons.

Soooo...i guess he got it right in our opinion.

Dawn Henderson said...
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