Tuesday, May 30, 2006

DCPS schools locked down

Last Thursday the Capital building went into lockdown after New Jersey Representative Jim Saxton thought he heard gunfire. It turns out that it was a false alarm (probably the result of construction work nearby), but the incident did have a knock-on effect of prompting Superintendent Janey to lock down all of DCPS's schools. Now, apparently, some parents are questioning the reasoning for locking down all 147 schools instead of those in the immediate vicinity of Capital Hill.
A school spokesman says they wanted to err on the side of caution.
Frankly, so would I. There is one other piece of troubling news that stemmed from the incident.
District schools are supposed to receive notification of threats like the possible shooting from D.C. Police.

However, on Friday, school headquarters learned about the reported gunshots when WTOP called for comment about an hour after the incident began.

Assistant D.C. Police Chief Gerald Wilson tells WTOP Capitol Police informed him shortly after the first report came in that there was no threat to the community.
Shouldn't the Metro police still call DCPS to let them know that they believe there is no threat?

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Ben Whelan-Morin said...

Interesting. My charter school was kept open.