Wednesday, May 31, 2006

DCPS teacher suspended over consolidation plan?

Was a DCPS teacher improperly suspended because of her outspokenness about Superintendent Janey's school consolidation plan? According to the Common Denominator that appears to be the case.
In a telephone interview, Shaw said she was "floored" yesterday morning when she arrived at work and Presswood asked her to leave the premises. She said Presswood told her that "parents and teachers" told him that she was "trying to mobilize parents to remove [him] from the building." Shaw said Presswood orally instructed her to have "no contact with parents, teachers or students" but was never given any paperwork to justify her suspension.

Shaw was scheduled to take her class on a field trip to Union Station on Thursday to see the movie "Akeelah and the Bee." Ludlow-Taylor's Local School Restructuring Team (LSRT), an advisory group of parents and teachers, was scheduled to meet Thursday night to hold elections of its membership for next year.

Immediately following her suspension, Shaw said she contacted both Saunders and Hicks, and they scheduled a meeting with Assistant Superintendent Francisco Millet. Saunders charged that Millet "mishandled" Shaw's dismissal in "violation of the Board of Education rules" by failing to provide a required written explanation for the action against Shaw. He said Millet had not yet responded by late this afternoon.

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