Monday, May 15, 2006

DCPS's screwed up priorities

David Nicholson has a piece in today's Post about DCPS and its libraries, or, more to the point, its growing lack of. Nicholson uses the story of Coolidge High School librarian Lynn Kauffman as the jumping off point for the story. Kauffman, who had not only restored the library to a functioning state but has started and grown a reading group among the students, was recently told her services were no longer needed; money was being diverted elsewhere. Where elsewhere: New teachers? Facilities upgrades? Nope. The money is being diverted to hire a "computer lab coordinator."

There is a long rant that I'm itching to make about the misplaced faith most school systems place on computer literacy, but I'd be hard pressed to top Clifford Stoll's take on the issue. Needless to say the educational benefits of computers when compared to their cost are limited; they can be a very useful tool that aide in the educational process, but when a good chunk of your students can't read or write past a third grade level, not being able to whip up a PowerPoint slide is the least of your worries.

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