Monday, May 01, 2006

Janey's statement to parents about May day protests

The following is a statement to the parents of DCPS students about today's National Day of Protest.
Dear parents:

Monday, May 1 is a day when human, civil rights and other groups and individuals will be participating in a National Day of Protest in connection with the debate on immigrant issues in this country.

We are respectful of the need for our students to express their First Amendment rights.

However, our primary purpose is education. As such, we want any campus participation to be managed in way that respects students and yet preserves student safety. We seek your assistance in helping us managing your child’s participation in any activities associated with this protest Monday.

We will certainly attempt to keep students in class during school hours. We are encouraging our teachers to provide classroom learning opportunities around this issue as an alternative to actually participating in a protest.

However, should students leave school without permission, please understand that they may be subject to disciplinary action. However, because we want to be respectful of their desire to express themselves, we are looking at using any disciplinary measures in a way that is constructive, such as performing community service or a lesson that will illuminate this debate in a meaningful and education way.

Please encourage your son or daughter to look for ways to voice their concerns through means that keep them in school Monday, such as writing letters to lawmakers or letters to the editor of local newspapers.

Please rest assure that we will do all we can to keep your children safe and secure on campus Monday.

Thank you for your support of DCPS.


Anonymous said...

"We seek your assistance in helping us managing your child’s participation..."

" ...illuminate this debate in a meaningful and education way."

"Please rest assure that..."

Is anyone else bothered by the fact that the office of the superintendant does not seem to be able to meet the district's own English standards? This is hardly the first time that blatantly bad English has come out of Janey's office. Whatever happened to setting an example?

Mari said...

That ain't English that Wussish, a language usually spoken by those in charge who are wusses. He's trying to stay on the immigrant & immigrant supporters' good side while at the same time oh maintain order blah, blah, blah.
He could of just said, if you are going to have your kid out, write a note and make sure he/she gets their homework. Why won't people write simply?

Anonymous said...

Anyone else appreciate the great irony that this message was released only in English and not in Spanish? At least at my school this was the case.

Nathan said...

Actually, it was released in both English and Spanish on the DCPS web site (where I linked to the English version).