Friday, May 19, 2006

Student left on, locked in school bus

A potentially bad scenario that, thankfully, ended well: a student woke up this morning at a school bus lot locked in a school bus.
Dominique Jordan, 11, said he often naps during the hour-long morning bus ride from his home in southeast Washington to the High Road School of Washington, D.C., on Taylor Street Northwest, which offers specialized education programs.

But Tuesday morning he didn't wake up at school. Instead, he woke up at a school bus lot on Kendall Street in northeast Washington.

Jordan said the bus windows were locked, and so was the door.

"It was locked and I couldn't move the thing. I didn't want to use the emergency exit because I would set off an alarm if I opened it, so I just took the driver's door out," Jordan said. "Then I grabbed my backpack and got out."
Remember, DCPS only has school bus service for special education students. It could have just as easily been a student who was physically or mentally unable to get themselves out of the vehicle. According to a transportation spokesperson "appropriate" disciplinary action has been taken against the driver and attendant.

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John Whelan said...

Part of the bus drivers post trip inspection is to check all around for defects i.e. emergency windows, torn seats etc. so the student would not have been in this situation if the post trip inspection had been performed properly.