Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A tale of two cities

What do Boston and DC have in common? Similar demographics, poverty level and school funding. How do Boston and DC differ? Boston's public school system apparently works.

Lois Romano of the Post takes a long look at the strides Beantown has made over the last ten years to overhaul its public school system and the effect it has had on student achievement.

Can Boston's success be replicated in a place like DC? Superintendent Janey seems to think so. Janey, who once worked for the Boston public school district, has recently adopted a modified version of Boston's standards in reading, language arts and math for the District as well as switched DCPS over to the Massachusetts standardized testing assessment model. However, other actions deemed critical to Boston's success have not been replicated here. Stability at the superintendent position has been non-existent in the District over the last ten-plus years, and DCPS's Byzantine-like oversight structure tends to hinder the decision making process.

Source: The Washington Post

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