Monday, June 12, 2006

Another Hawk One update

Remember Hawk One? Well, thanks to another example of the District government's world class attention to detail it looks like they may be entitled to a nice, fat payday. How much? About $7.5 million.
Last year, the District awarded the $14.1 million contract to Hawk One, but now property-management officials say the amount of the security contract should have been for about $22 million.

City officials said the District's Protective Services Division (PSD), which is under the Office of Property Management, did not correctly add up the number of hours that guards are required to work under the contract.

The officials said the PSD budgeted for the correct number of work hours, but the contract solicitation and award that officials sent to the D.C. City Council last year included the wrong total for work hours.
While this isn't related to the contract they have with DCPS it is, nevertheless, yet another example of the kind of incompetance from District's local government that its residents could do without. The question I have is that if the cost of Hawk One's bid should have been 50% above the contract value accepted and approved by the DC Council would they still have been the low bidder?

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