Friday, June 09, 2006

Bell Multicultural car wash fundraiser

From Bell Multicultural's Street Law class
Dear Friend,

We are students at Bell Multicultural High School in Washington D.C. Our Street Law class is planning to donate some school equipment to a high school in the Gulf Region affected by Hurricane Katrina. Our school has items to donate because, as you may know, we have moved into a state-of-the-art, 80 million dollar building where all of the equipment and furniture is brand new. The desks and tables from our old building are sitting in the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) warehouse, and much of that equipment is in good shape. Our class is planning to donate 75 student desks to St. Helena Central High School in Greensburg, Louisiana. Our teacher, Mr. Hunt, visited the school in May and took pictures. The school was not totally devastated by the hurricane, but many families from New Orleans evacuated to Greensburg, and now the school has a shortage of desks. While we are sitting in fancy swivel chairs in our brand new, air-conditioned building, our schoolmates in Greensburg are sitting on a dirty concrete floor or standing up in class.

We think this situation is wrong. Back in February, we testified to the DC Board of Education, and they have agreed to our plan to make a donation. We called a number of moving companies, and the best estimate so far has been $2,200 to load, transport, and unload the desks in Greensburg, which is 1,048 miles from Washington.

We are writing to you for your help. We will be hosting a car wash in order to pay for the cost of sending the desks to Greensburg. The car wash will take place on Sunday June 11th in the parking lot at 3149 16th Street, the headquarters of the DC Department of Parks and Recreation. We hope to make at least $500 from the car wash, and a local law firm has promised to *match* what we make at the car wash with their own funds.

You, too, can help us in any of the following ways:
  • bring your car to the car wash!
  • tell others to bring their cars
  • donate money (every $2 pays for a mile of the trip!)
Please help us reach our goal of helping our fellow students in Louisiana continue their education. You can contact our teacher, Mr. Cosby Hunt, at (202) 412-9213 or at his e-mail address, . Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear from you.

Bell's Street Law 2006 class


Anonymous said...

Wow - this is FANTASTIC news! I had no idea DCPS is so flush with cash that they can afford to give away surplus equipment.

It does my heart good to know that not only is Bell's property totally unnecessary in any other DCPS school, but that by inference DCPS's need for additional funding has been eliminated. After all, a system that can afford to give away perfectly good property instead of selling it must be rich indeed!

Furthermore, it's absolutely marvelous that schoolchildren (as opposed to, God forbid - taxpayers!) should be permitted to make decisions on how best to dispose of surplus property in a financially strapped school system. How empowering!

Hooray Bell! Hooray DCPS!

anoymous said...

Excellent way to raise money for the school, Thanks Mr. Hunt for such marvellous idea keep it up. I hope they do the same program on 2009