Friday, June 02, 2006

Charter boss probe widens

It looks like the FBI, who raided the Board of Education Executive Director for Charter Schools' house yesterday, also raided one of the companies Brenda Belton's office hired to monitor school performance along with the Charter School Board offices.
[Investigators] searched the offices of Equal Access in Education, which Belton's office hired to monitor the performance of charter schools, according to law enforcement sources.

In addition, Josephine Baker, executive director of the D.C. Charter School Board, said the D.C. inspector general's office visited her agency and confiscated files from the program that the two chartering agencies run jointly.

Carolyn N. Graham, the Board of Education vice president, said last night that board members knew nothing of the joint program until yesterday.

"The entire board is very concerned," Graham said. "How could we not know about this? How could these dollars be available and we not know about it? . . . We've not opined on the use of those dollars, and that's very problematic for us."
Yes Ms. Graham, how come you and your colleagues didn't know about this? You have oversight after all.

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