Monday, June 05, 2006

"Choosing a Charter School: The Pain of It All"

Kevin Kosar has a piece up over at edspresso on his search for a good school in the District.


Ben Whelan-Morin said...

"Shopping for schools is much more difficult than shopping for toothpaste."

As it very well should be.

Ed Researcher said...

I can share dozens of stories of parents that are far more frustrating than Kevin's. DC really needs to do two things:

1. Centralize admissions for charters and possibly for DCPS schools as well. That is, one deadline and one notification date, so parents and schools can plan in a rational way.

2. Set up a parent information center whose goal is to distribute objective (and carefully packaged subjective) user-friendly information on the school options available by address or neighborhood. THe U.S. Department of Education (Office of Innovation and Improvement) has a grant program to set up these parent information centers. DC would be foolish not to use it. The only problem is we don't have an entity indpeendent of DCPS that cares enough or has the authority. It really has to be hte State Education Office. The DC Council needs to empower that office and take the authority away from DCPS.