Thursday, June 01, 2006

DCPS charter school official's home raided by the feds

Brenda Belton, the BoE's Executive Director for charter schools, had what is I'm sure a less than pleasant visit from FBI agents yesterday.
School sources, who asked not to be identified because the investigation is continuing, said authorities also are looking into whether some firms hired by the charter school office were connected to Belton. The sources said that the FBI search of the office began about 7 a.m. and continued for six hours and that numerous boxes of documents were confiscated.

Last night, Belton's attorney, Danny Onorato, said that Belton had done nothing wrong.

"She adamantly denies any wrongdoing," he said, adding that Belton would have no further comment.
The raid apparently stems from an ongoing investigation by the District's Inspector General into Belton and the BoE's charter school finances, and investigation that Belton claims she was unaware about. The denial seems somewhat dubious considering BoE Chairperson Cafritz says "Everyone involved -- employees and board members -- knew about the investigation being conducted by the IG's office."

UPDATE: Mark Lerner has some thoughts on the subject.

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