Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Eastern graduation outrage

The always outspoken editorial page of the Common Denominator is none-too-happy with the debacle that was Eastern Senior High School's graduation: Heads should roll
t appears that someone may have forgotten to allow seating for Eastern’s graduating seniors before calculating how many tickets would be available for families. According to one published report, D.C. Public Schools Superintendent Clifford Janey suggested the problem might have been caused by counterfeit tickets – an allegation that appears to be baseless.

Whoever was responsible for this travesty deserves to be fired.

Tragically, what happened at Eastern’s commencement ceremony cannot be fixed with any number of apologies or substitute ceremonies. Refunding graduation fees also cannot fully make amends, though it can help ease the sting.

School officials who continue to make excuses need some serious reeducating about the goals of their chosen career field. There is no excuse. Nada. None.

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Ed Researcher said...

We're talking about a ceremony, right? What's the big deal? Why can't people get this exercised over the amount of learning that takes place leading up to that point?