Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Education amendment update

The District Council gave preliminary approval to a bill that would put before the voters of the District a referendum on amending the DC Home Rule Act to include a requirement that the District provide "a system of free, high-quality public schools" for all school-age children.
An amendment to make high-quality education a right enforceable by law has been endorsed by national civil rights organizations as well as local public school supporters.

"Right now, our tool has been moral persuasion and political persuasion," said Marc Borbely, a public schools advocate. "Now, people fighting for better schools will have a legal power also."

That's precisely the concern. Some council members wondered whether the amendment, which would make "high-quality schools the law, would bring on lawsuits from parents dissatisfied with their child's education.
Previous coverage and why I think its a bad idea here. The Post editorial board thinks its a bad idea too.

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