Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Janey removes 5 principals

Five principals within the DCPS system have been removed from their position by the Superintendent. Anacostia Senior High School principal James Wilson will be leaving DCPS as his contract will not be renewed. Willie McElroy of Eaton Elementary, Barbara McElwain of Clark Elementary, Brenda Kinsler of Hamilton Learning Center and Francis Nicol of Terrell Junior High have been relieved of their jobs but will remain employees of the public school system and eligible for reassignment. The reasons for the removals are not being made public.
Evans said removal of all five principals, including Wilson, was "not done as a disciplinary action for cause" and "is not any reflection of their capabilities at all." She said principals at all of the District's more than 140 public schools serve "at the discretion of the superintendent." She could provide no further details about the removals but said no further reassignments among school principals is anticipated.


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