Monday, June 12, 2006


More on the problem with Eastern Senior High School's graduation, the Washington Teachers' Union's new contract, and (attempted) sex on a school bus leads to firings.

First Eastern: A second graduation ceremony was held for the 25 students whose friends and relatives were denied access to the regularly scheduled commencement.
School officials hastily scheduled the second commencement for noon in the same auditorium for the 25 students whose relatives could not get into the first event, said spokeswoman Leonie Campbell. "We apologize for any disruption. We are conducting an investigation to find out what happened," she said.

Superintendent Clifford B. Janey said it was possible that some counterfeit tickets had been created.

Next, the WTU: The union membership voted 2,573 to 523 to approve the new employment contract with the District.

Finally, some disturbing news about an attempted sex act on a DCPS school bus.
A D.C. special education bus driver and an attendant were fired for negligence after a 14-year-old boy was caught trying to force a 6-year-old boy to perform a sexual act in the back of a school bus, a school official said yesterday.

David Gilmore, the school system's transportation administrator, said the incident occurred Tuesday. He said the attendant allowed the two boys to sit together and left them alone while she went to the front of the bus to make a call on her cellphone.

When she went to check on the boys, Gilmore said, "she saw the 14-year-old had his pants down."

The older boy was referred to juvenile justice authorities.

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