Thursday, July 27, 2006

BoE powers update

It looks like the Board of Education is ready to follow Congress's lead and give up part of its power.
The board is expected to approve a resolution Thursday that would hire an independent contractor to review the system's unique governance structure and make recommendations for legislation to transfer those responsibilities to another agency, according to a draft copy of the resolution obtained by The Examiner.

Unlike other school systems which have separate state and local systems, DCPS operates as both and have drawn criticism for having a conflict of interest when it comes to tough financial and reform decisions. In April, federal education officials deemed the school system as "high risk" of mismanaging more than $120 million in annual federal funding - in part because the duality of its governance structure.

Several school board members, who asked not to be named because of ongoing negotiations, said at least five of the board's nine members are solidly in favor of the provision while the rest are either opposed or undecided.
The interesting thing will be, assuming that this makes it to a vote, if and how the votes will split between elected and appointed board members.

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