Monday, July 10, 2006

DCPS has 17 new principals

The Common Denominator has the skinny on seventeen new principals who have been assigned to DCPS schools. The newbies are:
  • Beers Elementary – Gwendolyn Payton
  • Brown Middle School – Darrin Slade
  • Clark Elementary – Brearn Wright Jr
  • Garfield Elementary – Tammy Thomas
  • Gibbs Elementary – Kimberly R. Davis
  • Hine Junior High – Willie Jackson
  • Hyde Elementary – Dana L. Nerenberg
  • Kelly Miller Middle School – Sheena Tuckson
  • Merritt Education Center – Eugene Pair
  • Miner Elementary – LaVonne Taliaferro-Bunch
  • Montgomery Elementary – Melissa Martin
  • Moten Center – David Mason
  • Raymond Elementary – LaShada Ham
  • Ross Elementary – Ximena Hartsock
  • Terrell/McGogney Elementary – Tanya Deskins
  • Walker-Jones Elementary/Terrell Junior High – Janette Johns-Gibson
  • Young Elementary – Linda Williams


Anonymous said...

No changes at the high schools? Great. I hear they've been performing beyond all expectations, so we wouldn't expect any turnover there...

Anonymous said...

Anacostia SHS will have a new principal.

The principal at Hine was the acting principal last year.

Anonymous said...

I know the parents in the Ross district were having trouble with the principal there. It is a good sign she was replaced.

Ross parent said...

Updating this comment about Ross with some facts:

Ross Elementary parents are very happy with our new principal, Dr. Ximena Hartsock, who has been working well with parents this summer to prepare for the new school year. Enrollment is increased at the school this year thanks to some very active work to enroll students from local embassies, as well as an increase in interest in the school from local parents.

The school is looking great after involved parents and community members have worked hard this summer to clean and paint--DCPS beautification day next weekend will be focused on making the school gorgeous with art, murals, and decoration. We are excited about the new school year--see for more info.

However, the anonymous poster on this blog who "knows" parents were having problems with our retiring principal Gloria Smith is mistaken. Smith was not replaced, she **retired** after a long career in DCPS and some health problems last year. Parents at Ross warmly wish her a happy, healthy retirement.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem at Ross have a lot to do with the old principal, but the bigger issue seems to be indicated by its very bad first choice numbers.

The people denying the problems at Ross were claiming that they were getting 58% of the local eligible children and that was good. Supposedly these were 2004 numbers.

That means either some people can't add or tell the truth.

Turns out these are cooked numbers. The 2005 DCPS numbers, published by DCPS are that in 2005 there were 129 eligble students for Ross in the Ross boundary. It further reports that 22 attend Ross. This is the worst rate.

The 2006 numbers are even worse.

The number of children in the boundary is increasing, the majority of familes there are not "rich" but actually middle class (census says $82,000 for families averaging one or two children there). The number choosing Ross is dropping.

The anonymous "Ross Parent" is most likly out of boundary (in boundary parents are discouraged from attending).

Anonymous said...

i pray really pray for the students and staff at montgomery. if the way to run a school is for the students to be told they are worthless.Where their is a lack of leadership where learning and respect of children doesnot exist. more can be said...

somthing has to give. please please dc care about your students and be carefull who you put in leadership.

community is key