Monday, July 03, 2006

District's Comprehensive Plan to be overhauled

The Common Denominator takes a look at the proposed changes to the District's Comprehensive Plan. What is the CP?
plan lays out regulations and policies both citywide and by division into specific areas of the city. It addresses the issues and topics of arts and culture, community services and facilities, economic development, educational facilities, environmental protection, framework of the city, preserving historic properties, housing, land use, infrastructure, parks and recreation, transportation, and urban design.
The plan is being updated for the first time in twenty years and here is what the current draft has to say about education:
The "Educational Element" sets three measures: to modernize public schools, encourage satellite campuses for the District'’s universities and re-establish quality schools as assets for the neighborhood they're located in. It calls for:
  • participation in the D.C. Public Schools Facilities Master Plan update process, which updates facilities, administrative maintenance facilities and bridging public-private partnerships.
  • creating modernization projects focused on site planning, high-quality design, safety-first and eco-friendly design, and pedestrian and transit access for local schools
  • maintaining locations and ownership of public schools to the "maximum extent feasible" and keeping public school locations near transit systems.
  • promoting university expansion through satellite campuses, balancing growth of universities with neighborhoods, encouraging on-campus student housing and requiring universities located in residential neighborhoods to gain the input of the community and the D.C. government before seeking zoning approvals.
  • establishing a university-community task force to deal with future planning issues.

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