Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Have you tried bribing them yet?

Apparently so. If you're a District student taking part in the Summer Bridge program an education isn't the only thing you'll get; you'll be getting paid a minimum wage as well.
So, why pay students $5.15 an hour for attending the six-week long program?

"We knew in trying to launch this initiative, we would be in direct competition with the Department of Employment Services," Kight says.

Instead, they decided to become partners with the department.

While some parents tell WTOP D.C. Public Schools should be spending their money elsewhere, Kight says the Department of Employment Services pays for the program.

D.C. Schools only pay for kids who miss the registration deadline.

Kight says the District only paid for a "couple hundred" students at $540 each this year, and says there is an allocated fund to pay for those students.


Anonymous said...

Many DC charter schools do this during the regular school year. Look at KIPP with their "kipp cash" and Maya Angelou with their hefty paychecks for school attendance. KIPP says that they want kids to look at school as a job, and as future wage earners. Don't we want kids be at school as learners, not earners?

Anonymous said...

Children should not be given money to obtain a free education.

Anonymous said...

seems like it's training them for welfare.