Tuesday, July 11, 2006

MFP *still* not released

DCPS's Master Facilities Plan, which was originally supposed to be released to the public after its presentation to the Board of Education, is still missing in action.
The document was expected to be released on June 30, a deadline stipulated in a $1 billion school funding measure passed last fall by the D.C. Council. DCPS Superintendent Clifford Janey announced last month that the full document would not be released until November to give the system more time.

School advocates sent a letter to the D.C. School Board last week demanding the document be released immediately to give parents so "the necessary public review and comment can begin."

"This is extremely undemocratic," said Marc Borbely, co-author of the letter and founder of Fix-Our-Schools.Net. "This is a huge, huge effort and we cannot have this process burdened or slowed down because of politics."

D.C. School Board member Tommy Wells, who is also a candidate for D.C. Council, said the allegations are unfounded and that the school board needs to more time to ensure the first phase of school closures and consolidations - including a total of 13 schools by next month - is completed.

"I’m not concerned about the delay at all," Wells said. "The board is in control of this, not the advocates or anyone else. We want to do this right."

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Anonymous said...

Make the release of the MFP an election issue. Do not support any candidate who refuses to have the MFP released until after the election.Voters have the right to know what has been planned and tentatively agreed to. Voters have the right to know what candidates think about the MFP.