Monday, August 28, 2006

DCPS Teachers update

There's good news and not so good news on the DCPS teacher front. It looks as if the District's public schools will open with all of their teaching vacancies filled. Unfortunately, many of those positions will be filled by people lacking the proper qualifications.
Officials in the D.C. school system say they have filled all of its teaching vacancies, but they did it by bringing back hundreds of uncertified teachers that the system had once threatened to replace.

Earlier this year, uncertified teachers who were close to receiving their credential were told that they would lose their jobs in September if the school system was able to find certified teachers to replace them.

Superintendent Clifford Janey dismissed 370 uncertified teachers earlier this year.

However, most of the vacancies in the school system have been filled by rehiring 470 uncertified teachers who still need at least a year to complete their requirements.

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