Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Janey fires a shot over charter school's bow?

Is Superintendent Janey looking to rollback the expansion of charter schools in the District? Not content with the moratorium on the Board of Education's chartering authority Janey is now pushing for the District to halt any new charters from the independent D.C. Public Charter School Board.
"We have not delivered on quality education here in D.C., both with respect to the charter schools and to DCPS. That's why I would advocate for a moratorium," Janey said. "This is not a push back against charter schools. It's rather reclaiming the purpose of public education to be one of quality. It would be a mistake to continue to grow without having a handle on quality."

A moratorium would require the approval of the independent board that authorizes new charters. Its chairman dismissed the idea yesterday. Still, Janey said he would continue to press his proposal, which interjected a strong voice of caution into the debate over charter schools.
While the need to track and improve standards is, in my opinion, necessary to improve all of DC's publicly funded schools this excuse seems a bit thin.

Janey is claiming that charter schools are draining the public schools of students [well, duh - ed] and money. Janey, who had a history of bank-breaking budgets while in NY didn't exactly slim down the DCPS budget during the first year of tenure. Stopping and possibly reversing the growth of charter schools would put more students, and thus more money, back in Janey's hands.

If the superintendent is worried about his funding I suggest he looks first at his own house. Cut the dead weight in DCPS's bloated management; fix its financial controls (or sever lack thereof). Hell, take a pay cut. Leave the charter schools alone.

Mark Lerner has more.

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