Thursday, August 10, 2006

Robert C. Bobb makes it official

... he's running for the President of the District's Board of Education.
Bobb described the state of public education in the city as "a major civil rights issue" and said he is "impatient when it comes to reform." If elected, he said he would not interfere with the administration of Superintendent Clifford B. Janey, who came to the District two years ago and is implementing changes to improve student performance. [emphasis added]
No, the state of the District's public education is a major civil servant issue, as in the civil servants who run the thing suck. So do most of the elected and appointed officials.
Bobb said he would be a strong leader and insist that the board find better ways to use the budget to improve education.
Well, Bobb has got mastered the art of flowery rhetoric, but how about enumerating those ways you'll use the budget. You know, a plan.
"We haven't raised the level of outrage about the performance of our children in the school system," Bobb said. "People should be marching in the streets."
Bobb, do you read the papers any? The state of DC schools has been pretty high on the local radar as of late. People are already outraged. Outraged, I would think, that those involved in DCPS can articulate their outrage at the problem, but, unfortunately, don't actually seem to be able to do a damn thing about it.

My advice Bobb. Give us some concrete plans, some ideas, a path forward. None of this utterly useless "Vote for me, I'll be a strong leader" rubbish.


Anonymous said...

Somehow, I doubt that a school board position would be enough to satisfy Mr. Bobb. Just a launching pad for something bigger. The man has impressed me at times with his ability to get results for the mayor, but I cannot believe that his heart is really into this.

Anonymous said...

I think he's posistioning himself for a potential school Superintendency either here or elsewhere. They are some of the highest paid city employees almost anywhere in the country. A school board President could be a springboard for such a job later. But, you're right-is he really into this or is it just a stop gap measure until something else presents itself. I'm not even sure Janey can hang on to his job if Bobb appears to be ready to take over.