Tuesday, August 08, 2006

WTU backs council member Gray (or not)

Current Ward 7 council member and candidate for council chair Vincent Gray was thrilled last week to announce that he had received the endorsement of the Washington Teacher's Union over his rival Kathy Patterson. Unfortunately for Gray, this came as a surprise to the union.
Gray (D-Ward 7) has proclaimed the endorsement on his Web site and said in a news release Tuesday that he was "deeply gratified" to be endorsed by the union's Committee on Political Education, known as COPE. Gray said yesterday that his statements were accurate because COPE interviewed him in June and sent him a letter this week saying he had been endorsed.

But George Parker, president of the union, said that the announcement was a misunderstanding and that the union has not endorsed Gray for council chairman.

Parker said the 15-member committee can only make a "recommendation" to the union executive board, which will endorse a candidate on behalf of the organization's 4,500 members.

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