Thursday, September 14, 2006

DC Vote have teaching guidelines

If you're a DC teacher and you want to [teach | indoctrinate] your students about DC voting rights then DC Vote have a lesson plan for you.
The instructional supplement, designed by voting rights advocate DC Vote in coordination with teachers and former students, includes pop quizzes, teacher talking points and discussion questions, timelines, news articles, visual aids and suggested homework assignments.

"From what we learned, so many teachers come up with their own lessons and some teachers really want to teach D.C. voting rights but don't know where to begin," said Katie Reardon, DC Vote communications associate and a leader in the plan's development.

"We realized that teachers can integrate this into the curriculum. We just wanted to give them the resources."

The lesson is part education, part advocacy -- an early reminder that District residents have no vote in Congress.

A recommended warm-up exercise entails a mock election in which the ballots of one group of students, those sitting in "Location B," are torn up after the vote.
School board member Victor Reinoso thinks that, while voting rights is a laudable goal, this may not be the best way to promote it.
[Reinoso] said the group should submit its plan to DCPS for consideration and to confirm it meets certain academic standards, "rather than trying to get it into the school system one teacher at a time."

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