Thursday, September 14, 2006

DCIG to audit Wilson graduation class

The Office of the District's Inspector General has opened an official investigation audit into Woodrow Wilson High School teacher Erich Martel's accusation that up to one third of that high school's graduating class we not qualified to graduate.
The inquiry, begun last week, is focusing on three issues: how students are certified for graduation; whether graduates at Wilson and possibly other high schools satisfied graduation requirements; and how well student records are kept and secured.

Austin A. Andersen, deputy inspector general, said Superintendent Clifford B. Janey requested the audit in July, a month after high school teacher Erich Martel alleged that more than 100 Wilson students did not meet graduation requirements but were still awarded diplomas that month. The inquiry is one of several concerning the school system that the inspector general's office will undertake this year. Among the areas of inquiry are whether nonresident tuition has been properly assessed and whether school buildings are being properly maintained and repaired. To better complete the work, the inspector general's office opened a five-person audit office, with a $300,000 budget, at school system headquarters.

The Wilson audit "is not an investigation, which implies some type of misconduct, either criminal or administrative," Andersen said. "With an audit, we can come in and take a broad look."
Jay Mathews takes a look at whistle blower Erich Martel and what appear to be punitive measures against him enacted by the school.

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