Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Janey updates school closing list and extends the timeline

Superintendent Janey has revised the list of schools that he wishes to close or consolidate in the coming years. The new list brings the number of schools affected up to nineteen. The catch? He's extended the timeline for closing to twelve years.
In paring down the school system more slowly, school officials say they need to keep more space available to accommodate students from more than 100 schools who will need to be relocated while their buildings are renovated over the next decade.

Janey plans to unveil his master education plan for how the school system would spend $2.3 billion to reconstruct 121 schools. The school system is also downsizing to account for shrinking enrollment.

Janey wants next year to shut down Hine Junior High in Southeast, Truesdell Elementary in Northwest, Brookland Elementary in Northeast, Draper Elementary in Southeast, Mamie D. Lee special education school in Northeast, Taft special education center in Northeast and Park View Elementary in Northwest.
Needless to say some on the District's school board are less than happy with the change. Said an unnamed Council member,
"To me, it is crystal clear they were to eliminate the space, not just identify space," the board member said, adding that the system already has enough empty buildings it can use to accommodate students who need to be moved during construction. "I think the Congress and council will be clear on the interpretation, and it's not going to be favorable."
Nothing like pulling that band-aid of veeeeeeeeeery slowly. And the time table reeks of "I'll be out of here before most of these changes are to take place."

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