Monday, October 02, 2006

Dunbar gets emergency repairs

It looks like the Post's recent profile of Dunbar High School has shamed DCPS into authorizing some emergency repairs.
For months, student athletes, coaches, parents and community activists say they have been complaining about deplorable conditions in the sports facilities at the school, with little response from the central office.

But at a private meeting with the group late Tuesday, Janey said he was outraged by the conditions at the school and will take swift action to correct the problems, said Peter G. Parham, Janey's chief of staff. The decision follows a Washington Post report Saturday that detailed decrepit conditions in Dunbar's athletic facilities: a condemned running track, rusty weight-training equipment and moldy showers, as well as a lack of toilet paper, soap and dispensers for feminine hygiene products.

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Sarah said...

I went to Dunbar Pre-Enginnering High School and that school really does need renovations. I mean the classrooms are open spaced, they are divided by these walls and it causes alot of commotion because the noise and disruptions are overheard. The gym is terrible, lockers, everything! And its a huge school also. I hope this Fenty guy turn things around in DC because I lived in DC since I was born!