Thursday, October 19, 2006

Janey on the way out?

Well, its purely speculation but NBC4's political reporter Tom Sherwood believes that the Superintendent may be skating on thin ice.
The rumble around the Wilson Building is that school Superintendent Clifford Janey needs to speed up his action plans or risk losing his job.

As your correspondent said on WAMU last Friday, Janey seems for too many to plan too long and act too slow and could be gone within a year.

Janey did jump into action after The Washington Post and the Washington Interfaith Network embarrassed the school administration with those terrible pictures of run-down athletic facilities at Dunbar High.

Although Fenty's exact plans are not set in stone, he has made improving schools his No. 1 target. It would be smart if folks like the superintendent help aim the bow and arrow rather than stand in front of the target.

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