Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Safe Harbors" and NCLB

When does a school with lower student achievement rank higher than one with markedly better results? When you're dealing with the maze of rules that is No Child Left Behind.
The safe harbor provision is causing confusion among parents and educators who are trying to sort out the results of the new test, the D.C. Comprehensive Assessment, which was administered this spring. Some schools scored higher than others but were listed as not making adequate yearly progress because the school did not meet the academic targets or the safe harbor provision.

The KIPP DC: AIM Academy in the Congress Heights section of Southeast, for instance, failed to meet the benchmark, though it scored almost 10 points higher than Arts and Technology. Principal Khala Johnson said she is pleased that D.C. school officials introduced a more rigorous student assessment this year. But she is finding it difficult to explain to parents why AIM Academy, which has a reputation for academic achievement, did not make adequate yearly progress when some schools that performed lower did.

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