Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bill would put DCPS maintenance under city Office of Property Mgmt

Council member Kwame R. Brown has drafted a bill that would transfer the responsibility for the physical upkeep of the District's public schools over to the DC Office of Property Management. In a hearing last week DCPS officials said that such a transfer of responsibility wouldn't do anything to alleviate the backlog of work.
Cornell S. Brown Jr., executive director of facilities management for District schools, testified that nationally, public schools pay an average of $2.30 per square foot for routine maintenance services, such as carpentry and plumbing. The District spends less.

"We're spending $1 per square foot on a system that's been broken for years," said Brown, who worked for the school system in Maryland before coming to the District two years ago. "We are underfunded and understaffed. We're so far behind."

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