Saturday, November 18, 2006

Newly elected Wells wants Janey to clean house

Newly elected Ward 6 representative to the DC Council and outgoing Ward 5 & 6 Board of Education member Tommy Wells is urging Superintendent Janey to clean the District's public school system of managers standing in the way of progress.
"I'm not happy with the managers under Dr. Janey," Wells said in an interview with The Examiner. "Dr. Janey's put together a good school reform plan and they even have a good master facilities plan — it was done by outside consultants. I'm not happy at all with the people under him. Assistant superintendents, managers."

Wells, who has worked as a child health and education advocate in the District, is leaving his seat as Ward 5 and 6 representative on the Board of Education to serve on the Council.

Before the election, Wells toured three schools in his District with now Mayor-elect Adrian Fenty as he mulled a possible school takeover plan.

A spokesman for Janey could not be reached.

Wells has said he supports a takeover and echoed concerns that have been expressed by parents and educators that, while Janey has a good plan, it is not moving forward fast enough.

"I don't see underneath him the efficiency and the urgency," Wells said. "It's funny, I use the word ‘urgency' because I picked it up from Adrian. He keeps saying that. And he's right."

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