Sunday, December 24, 2006

Appleseed's Solving DC Problems Campaign

December 22, 2006


If you could brief the District’s new Mayor, Adrian Fenty, about what needs to be done in the District, would you do it?

Well, in fact, many of you are about to do just that.

DC Appleseed is thrilled to announce the release of a book that presents the many ideas that area residents submitted this summer during our Solving DC Problems Campaign 2006.

Click here to view the book, which includes a "Foreword" from both Mayor Williams and Mayor-Elect Fenty. The book also includes images of daily life in the District, taken by photographer Michael Bonfigli.

This is the public’s policy briefing for the District’s new leaders, prepared by some of the region’s most engaged citizens.

In this moment of transition for the District, as we await the inauguration of the District’s newly-elected leaders, many people are giving thought to the best ways to move the District forward. Many of those people are participating directly in the transition process, as part of "transition teams" working on "transition documents" focusing on "transition issues" that will set many of the priorities for the District’s new leaders.

But many people with good ideas for moving the District forward will not have the opportunity to participate in this formal transition process. This book will give those people another way to have their ideas heard.

While most residents are sophisticated enough to know there are no "quick fixes" or "silver bullets" for major systemic issues, taken together, this compilation of ideas suggests that our city government can, and should, make progress addressing some of the biggest problems facing the District. The compilation also shows that area residents have good ideas for solving those problems and that their ideas need to be heard.

We know Mayor-Elect Fenty is looking at the book. We hope you will too. After all, some of the ideas in it are yours.

Visit the Solving DC Problems Campaign 2006 website.


Walter Smith
DC Appleseed
phone: 202-289-8007

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