Sunday, December 03, 2006

Brown none too happy about Janey's $666 a minute speech

DC Councilman Kwame Brown thinks whoever authorized the $30,000 budget for Janey's "State of the School" speech should be canned.
Janey spokesman John White told The Examiner Thursday that it cost taxpayers about $30,000 to pull off the 10-page speech, which went for about 45 minutes and brought about 1,000 people to McKinley Technical High School in Northeast. That money was put toward security, video production, teleprompters and flowers, White said.

Brown, D-At large, called the price tag an “outrage.”

“Whoever authorized that should be fired,” Brown said. “We have so many people down there being paid $100,000 a year in that central office.”

White said Friday that $30,000 was the budget for the event but that amount was not all spent. About $6,500 was spent to put together a video on the schools that it plans to reuse, $3,000 went to handouts, $8,000 was put audio/visual production and another $500 was spent on flowers, White said. He was not certain Friday on how much had been spent for security for the event, nor did he know who had compiled the budget.

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Anonymous said...

Flowers? Security? Give me a huge friggin' break. Pouring more money into a cesspool doesn't make it a better cesspool - just a fatter cesspool that'll cry for more dough next year, when even more kids will be enrolled in public charters.