Monday, December 25, 2006

Janey gets a bonus and a contract extension

DCPS Superintendent Janey has been awarded $25,000 bonus and has had his contract extended by a year.
The D.C. Board of Education has approved a $25,000 bonus for Janey and extended his contract for a year. His new contract runs until June 30, 2009. The bonus is 10 percent of Janey's base salary of $250,000.

The Board says Janey met several performance goals, including improving academic achievement, finalizing deals with unions and eliminating 1-million square feet of excess building space.

"Dr. Janey has brought stable leadership and a sense of urgency to an environment that was desperate for reform and he had made remarkable progress in improving the school system during his two years," says Board President Peggy Cooper Cafritz, in a news release.

"Expectations were much higher this year and Dr. Janey undertook an ambitious reform agenda that raised the bar and required tougher levels of performance."

The school board says extending Janey's contract to a fifth year should add stability to a system that's had six superintendents since 2000.
Frankly, I would be very surprised if Janey survives until 2009. Mayor-elect Fenty doesn't seem too enamored with the super's progress thus far and if Fenty gets his wish to take over the schools Janey may not be too thrilled with the demotion of responsibilities that will occur to the Superintendent position.

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Anonymous said...

So he finalized a deal with the union - big deal. Oh wait, who's the biggest voting block for the elected school board?