Thursday, January 04, 2007

Woodrow Wilson parents want more control over the school

Believing that the current state of DCPS is too dysfunctional to provide a quality education the parents of Woodrow Wilson High School students are pushing for the school to gain more autonomy from the public schools' HQ.
Instead of waiting weeks for the school system's central office to respond to maintenance requests, they want to directly hire their own plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople.

School leaders have wanted to become independent since last year after frustrations with the central office's slow response to the school's maintenance needs.

The proposal has to be implemented by Superintendent Clifford Janey. He has shown support for giving partial autonomy to high-achieving schools that also have the creative leadership to handle the responsibility.
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Anonymous said...

Repeat after me:

convert to a charter school,

enjoy freedom from the blob,

get things done without having to beg for them.

Anonymous said...

DCPS isn't going to let Wilson go easily. Wilson is the school system's highest achieving school. It's the school that helps bring up Janey's bottomline.