Friday, February 09, 2007

Bunker Hill student killed after being hit by a car

A six year old student of Bunker Hill Elementary School was killed this morning after being struck by an SUV.
D.C. Fire officials say the boy -- who was walking to Bunker Hill Elementary School -- was struck around 8:30 a.m. Friday as he crossed Sargent Road at Emerson Street in Northeast, near the Prince George's County line.

The boy was unconscious when the ambulance crew arrived but later died at the hospital.
The boy was walking with a group of three other children but was lagging behind, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty tells WTOP.

Public school officials in the District have sent grief counselors to Bunker Hill to help students and staff deal with the boy's death.

A spokesman says the woman driving the SUV was extremely upset and was transported to the hospital for observation.


Mari said...

SUVs are horrid things. There is a report ot there somewhere that the great danger for children walking to school are parents dropping their not walking kids off in their cars.

Anonymous said...

nothing at all to do with SUV's.

there was a fatal accident from a sedan in montgomery county, ergo sedans are "horrid" things?

BTW on average children walking to school are probably in less danger over their lifetime due to increased health from walking.

the real question is police enforcement of traffic, speed and parking laws.

In DC parking ticketing for proximity to crosswalks and alleyways has been intentionally relaxed from federal standards created to because of danger to pedestrians, especially child pedestrians. this was done to create more on street parking.

in our neighborhood the ticket enforcement personell will walk right by double parked trucks making stop signs at crosswalks invisible and cars parked right next to crosswalk to ticket only meter violations -- this during school hours!

Anonymous said...

wow woman in suv runs over boy! thats a regular. bet she was a blond. if she cant drive she shouldent be on the road! stupid bitch arrrrhhhh.

maricar said...

She should not drive if she don't know how to drive well. one of my
warns me about this.