Wednesday, February 07, 2007

DCPCSB renews three charters

During their five year review the DC Public Charter School Board renewed the charters of Howard Road Academy, KIPP DC: KEY Academy and Thurgood Marshall Academy for another five years. Two of the schools -- Howard Road Academy and Thurgood Marshall Academy -- had been placed on a "charter warning status" after their preliminary reviews in 2006.
In order to pass, each school must meet a number of goals set out in a board-approved accountability plan, including organizational, compliance, governance, fiscal and academic standards. The schools must now devise new five-year plans that must be approved by the PCSB, spokeswoman Nona Richardson said Friday.

"Usually the schools are pretty ambitious," Richardson said.

Thurgood and Howard Road had been placed on charter-warning status during a preliminary review in March 2006.

Thurgood failed to meet a number of the academic and governance targets set by the school. At the end of the fifth year, the school had met only one of its three academic targets, but had met governance targets, Richardson said.

"They still had not met them, but the board felt like they made substantial improvements," Richardson said.

Howard Road had initially failed to meet three of its four academic standards at its preliminary review but had done so by the fifth year, Richardson said.

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