Wednesday, February 07, 2007

School board wants "blitz" on facility repairs

The DC Board of Education is proposing a "blitz" to make emergency repairs to bathrooms, water fountains, HVAC and lighting in about 100 schools.
The D.C. Board of Education is proposing an emergency "blitz" to make improvements at more than 100 of the system's 140 schools, repairing restrooms, water fountains, windows, boilers and exterior lighting. Maury, with about 200 students, is near the top of the list.

"It would be wonderful if that can happen a lot sooner -- it will do something to the kids," Principal Michael A. Wilson said. "Those things are very important to them."

Initially, school system officials were planning to start work in October -- well into the next school year -- on Maury and 70 other schools deemed to be in the worst shape. But school board members pressed for more immediate action.

The board wants work to begin next month and to include more than 100 schools. Not included: the two dozen or so buildings that will be renovated in the first two years of a school modernization program.


[School Board President Robert] Bobb, who is leading a school board move to oppose Fenty's proposal to take over schools, said he wants to demonstrate that the system can fix its problems without a change in governance. He said the school board will be aggressive in cutting through the system's bureaucracy to get needed services to students quicker.
Its amazing the motivational power of the threat of losing one's job can produce.

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Matt Banes said...

Has anything happened with this initiative? I represent and watch issues like this to monitor there progress.