Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We've also got a plan, Part 1 (AKA DC BoE tell Fenty to get stuffed)

To say that the DC Board of Education isn't too fond of Mayor Fenty's plan is to be the master of understatement. In defiance of the Mayor's plan to take control of the District's "under performing" school district the Board has passed its own alternative plan.
In contrast to the mayor's plan, which does not deal directly with academics, Bobb promised to increase services for special education students in D.C. classrooms and to increase the number of students who test at the proficient or advanced level by 10 percent. Additionally, Bobb said the board's proposal would not require a change to city's Home Rule Charter, which Fenty is seeking by going to Congress.

"This is not a bill on restructuring," Bobb said. "This is a bill that is focused on improving student outcomes."

School Superintendent Clifford B. Janey was at the board meeting but declined to say which proposal he supports.

"You're not going to get me into that," Janey said. "The Board of Education, the duly elected body, will take on that particular issue."

Yesterday's vote by the six board members creates a showdown between Fenty and Bobb and sets off a renewed flurry of political activity for council member votes. Bobb spent yesterday briefing several council members and said he will continue to sell his plan at a previously scheduled council hearing today on the mayor's proposal. Either plan would need council approval.
The text of the BoE's plan can be found here. Highlights can be found here.

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