Tuesday, March 13, 2007

FixOurSchools.net rally to oppose Fenty's takeover plan

From FixOurSchools.net:

Friends --

I hope you'll join me and others who oppose the proposed Mayor/Council school takeover this Tuesday evening, at a Friends of Fenty rally outside the mayor's house.

The flyer for the rally is posted here

We'll be asking Mayor Fenty to rejoin the progressive, democratic coalition that put him in office.

* Our school system needs more community participation, not less. Replacing the Board of Education with the City Council, as the mayor has proposed, will mean less opportunity for parents, teachers, students and neighbors to reform our schools. We applaud the mayor for pushing for a world-class school system; but reducing parent and citizen control and input is the wrong way to go.

* The mayor is not planning to let voters approve or reject his proposed changes to the D.C. Home Rule Charter, our constitution. Instead of putting his proposal before us in a referendum, which would allow us to change our governance structure without the active involvement of our congressional overseers, the mayor is inviting Congress to meddle in our affairs and make fundamental changes to our government.

The rally will start at 6:30 p.m. at 4712 17th St. NW, near 17th and Decatur.

Please let me know that you're coming, and please help spread the word.

Sponsors: DC Coalition for Democracy in Education; Save Our Schools; DCPS Full Funding Coalition; Fix Our Schools; Ward 4 Education Council; DC Healthcare Coalition; DC Statehood Green Party; Emily Washington, Ward 7 Council Candidate; Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ's Social Action Committee; William Lockridge, DCPS Board of Education Member Wards 7 & 8; Rev. Grayland Hagler, Ward 4 Council Candidate; Kathryn Pearson West; The DC Teacher; Celia Bassols, District 2 Board of Education Candidate; Renee Bowser, ANC 4D & Ward 4 Council Candidate; Mai Abdul Rahman, District 2 Board of Education Candidate; Mary Spencer, DC ACORN; Suzanne Wells; Gail Dixon, former member of the DC Board of Education.

- Marc Borbely

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Marc Borbely said...

Thanks for the post. Just to be clear, FixOurSchools is just one of many sponsoring organizations of tonight's event.
- Marc

Anonymous said...

I ended up deciding to stop participating in fixourschools because of this.

I voted for fenty as a parent of two DCPS students because DCPS needs strong intervention.

Fixourschools went well beyond their mission to officially promote this position not held by all its members.