Sunday, August 26, 2007

10,000 students may show up to school with no classes

As of this week only 47,000 students had been registered for the upcoming school year. Last year's public school enrollment was 57,000, meaning up to 10,000 students could show up to school the first day of classes without knowing who their teacher is / classes they are enrolled in.
“We’re looking right now at historical trends to see if we have documentation to show two weeks before school, one week before school, what percentage of the total enrollees were actually registered at that time,” Rhee said. “We’re looking through those numbers now.”

Based on past trends, Reinoso said, DCPS knew to expect low registration. Parents, he said, think that because they’re dropping off their children at school on the first day that it’s OK to register then.

That is a mentality, he said, that must change.

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